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CARPProxy Class Reference

Sirius ARP IPV4 class. More...

#include <arp-proxy.h>

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struct  TARPEvent
 Define the event events the ARP class generates when calling the ARP callback function void (*PTCallBack)(TARPEvent *, void *) More...
struct  TIPVLAN

Public Types

 Enumerate the different event types the ARP class generates when calling the ARP callback function void (*PTCallBack)(TARPEvent *, void *) More...
typedef void(* PTCallBack )(TARPEvent *, void *)

Public Member Functions

 CARPProxy ()
void InitARP (uint32_t ui32PortNr, uint16_t ui16NrOfArpEntries, uint16_t m_ui16NrOfVlans, CCoremask *pcCoremask, PTCallBack pCallBack=NULL, void *pArg=NULL, bool bUseATOMIC_LOCK=false)
void ShutdownARP (void)
uint64_t GetARP (uint32_t ui32DestIP, uint32_t ui32SrcIP, bool bSendARPRequest, uint16_t &ui16VLAN, int *piIndex=NULL)
uint64_t GetARP (uint32_t ui32DestIP, uint32_t ui32SrcIP, int &iEntryIndex, bool bSendARPRequest, uint16_t &ui16VLAN, bool bPersistent=false)
uint64_t GetMAC (void)
bool PacketInput (cvmx_wqe_t *ptWQE)
bool ARPTiming (void)
bool LastQueryTimeUpdate (int iIndex)
bool AddIPAddress (uint32_t ui32IP, uint32_t ui32GateWay, uint32_t ui32NetMask, uint16_t ui16VLAN)
bool GetIPAddress (int iIndex, TIPVLAN *ptIpVlan)
bool RemoveIPAddress (uint32_t ui32IP, uint16_t ui16VLAN)
uint32_t SearchForIPInVLAN (uint16_t ui16VLAN, uint32_t ui32IP)
bool SearchForVLANInIP (uint32_t ui32IP, uint16_t *pui16VLAN, uint32_t *pui32Netmask, uint32_t *pui32Gateway)
bool SearchForBestMatchInIP (uint32_t ui32IP, uint16_t *pui16VLAN, uint32_t *pui32IP, uint32_t *pui32Netmask, uint32_t *pui32Gateway)
void ResetARPTable ()
void ModifyArpTimeout (uint16_t ui16InUseSeconds, uint16_t ui16UnusedSeconds)
void RemoveAllIPAddresses ()
int GetPortNr ()
int GetAndAddNrOfHashEntries (int iIncrement)
void DisplayArpStats (void)

Static Public Member Functions

static const charARPEventToString (EARPEvent eARPEvent)
static uint16_t ip_sum_calc (uint16_t len_ip_header, unsigned char *buff, uint16_t ui16ChecksumPos=10)

Detailed Description

Sirius ARP IPV4 class.

This class contains functions for handling ARP on all ports

Definition at line 21 of file arp-proxy.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef void(* CARPProxy::PTCallBack)(TARPEvent *, void *)

Definition at line 64 of file arp-proxy.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

Enumerate the different event types the ARP class generates when calling the ARP callback function void (*PTCallBack)(TARPEvent *, void *)


No reply op ARP Request.


our ip address is in use by somebody else


Received an ARP Reply with dest mac that is not our own.

Definition at line 25 of file arp-proxy.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CARPProxy::CARPProxy ( )

Member Function Documentation

bool CARPProxy::AddIPAddress ( uint32_t  ui32IP,
uint32_t  ui32GateWay,
uint32_t  ui32NetMask,
uint16_t  ui16VLAN 
static const char* CARPProxy::ARPEventToString ( EARPEvent  eARPEvent)

Definition at line 32 of file arp-proxy.h.

bool CARPProxy::ARPTiming ( void  )
void CARPProxy::DisplayArpStats ( void  )
int CARPProxy::GetAndAddNrOfHashEntries ( int  iIncrement)
uint64_t CARPProxy::GetARP ( uint32_t  ui32DestIP,
uint32_t  ui32SrcIP,
bool  bSendARPRequest,
uint16_t &  ui16VLAN,
int *  piIndex = NULL 
uint64_t CARPProxy::GetARP ( uint32_t  ui32DestIP,
uint32_t  ui32SrcIP,
int &  iEntryIndex,
bool  bSendARPRequest,
uint16_t &  ui16VLAN,
bool  bPersistent = false 
bool CARPProxy::GetIPAddress ( int  iIndex,
uint64_t CARPProxy::GetMAC ( void  )
int CARPProxy::GetPortNr ( )
void CARPProxy::InitARP ( uint32_t  ui32PortNr,
uint16_t  ui16NrOfArpEntries,
uint16_t  m_ui16NrOfVlans,
CCoremask pcCoremask,
PTCallBack  pCallBack = NULL,
void *  pArg = NULL,
bool  bUseATOMIC_LOCK = false 
static uint16_t CARPProxy::ip_sum_calc ( uint16_t  len_ip_header,
unsigned char buff,
uint16_t  ui16ChecksumPos = 10 
bool CARPProxy::LastQueryTimeUpdate ( int  iIndex)
void CARPProxy::ModifyArpTimeout ( uint16_t  ui16InUseSeconds,
uint16_t  ui16UnusedSeconds 
bool CARPProxy::PacketInput ( cvmx_wqe_t *  ptWQE)
void CARPProxy::RemoveAllIPAddresses ( )
bool CARPProxy::RemoveIPAddress ( uint32_t  ui32IP,
uint16_t  ui16VLAN 
void CARPProxy::ResetARPTable ( )
bool CARPProxy::SearchForBestMatchInIP ( uint32_t  ui32IP,
uint16_t *  pui16VLAN,
uint32_t pui32IP,
uint32_t pui32Netmask,
uint32_t pui32Gateway 
uint32_t CARPProxy::SearchForIPInVLAN ( uint16_t  ui16VLAN,
uint32_t  ui32IP 
bool CARPProxy::SearchForVLANInIP ( uint32_t  ui32IP,
uint16_t *  pui16VLAN,
uint32_t pui32Netmask,
uint32_t pui32Gateway 
void CARPProxy::ShutdownARP ( void  )

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