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CLookupTable2Fd Class Reference

#include <sir_socket_misc.h>

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Public Member Functions

bool IsInUse (uint16_t ui16SrcPrt)
bool IsInUse (const sir_ip_sockaddr_t *ptSockAddr)
bool Add (int fd, const sir_ip_sockaddr_t *ptSockAddr)
bool Remove (int fd, const sir_ip_sockaddr_t *ptSockAddr)
int GetEntryWithIndex (uint16_t ui16SrcPrt, int iIndex)
int MaxPortEntries ()
bool Clear (int fd, uint16_t ui16SrcPrt)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CFreeIndexStorage< TPrt2Fd >
 CFreeIndexStorage ()
void Init (uint32_t ui32StartIndex, uint32_t ui32EndIndex, char *pcMemName, bool bCheckForInUse=true, bool bRandomFill=false)
bool SetEntry (uint16_t ui16Index, TPrt2Fd &tItem)
bool FillEntry (uint16_t ui16Index, TPrt2Fd &tItem)
bool RemoveEntry (uint16_t ui16Index)
bool ClearEntry (uint16_t ui16Index)
bool SearchEntry (TPrt2FdtItem, uint16_t &ui16Index)
bool SearchAndRemoveEntry (TPrt2FdtItem)
bool GetFreeIndex (uint16_t &ui16Index)
bool GetFreeIndexAndSet (uint16_t &ui16Index, TPrt2Fd &tItem)
bool ReturnIndex (uint16_t ui16Index)
TPrt2Fd GetEntry (uint16_t ui16Index)
TPrt2FdGetEntryPointer (uint16_t ui16Index)
void Reset ()
void Close ()
uint32_t GetNrOfEntries ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from CMpFifo< uint16_t >
void Init (uint32_t ulNrOfItems, char *pMemName=NULL)
uint16_t * Init (uint32_t ulNrOfItems, TPointers *ptPointers, uint16_t ui32FPAPool)
bool Push (uint16_t &tElement, uint16_t *ptFifoArray=NULL, TPointers *ptPointers=NULL)
bool Pop (uint16_t *ptElement, uint16_t *ptFifoArray=NULL, TPointers *ptPointers=NULL)
bool Shuffle (uint16_t *ptFifoArray=NULL, TPointers *ptPointers=NULL)
void Close (uint16_t **ptFifoArray=NULL, TPointers *ptPointers=NULL)
bool GetItem (uint16_t *ptItem, bool bFirst=false, uint16_t *ptFifoArray=NULL, TPointers *ptPointers=NULL)
uint32_t NrOfItems (TPointers *ptPointers=NULL)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from CFreeIndexStorage< TPrt2Fd >
uint32_t m_ui32StartIndex
uint32_t m_ui32EndIndex
uint32_t m_ui32MaxNrOfEntries
bool m_bCheckForInUse
CCoremask m_cCoreMask
TGlobalVar * m_pGlobalVarStorage
char m_cMemName [80]
char m_cFifoMemName [80]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 62 of file sir_socket_misc.h.

Member Function Documentation

bool CLookupTable2Fd::Add ( int  fd,
const sir_ip_sockaddr_t ptSockAddr 
bool CLookupTable2Fd::Clear ( int  fd,
uint16_t  ui16SrcPrt 
int CLookupTable2Fd::GetEntryWithIndex ( uint16_t  ui16SrcPrt,
int  iIndex 
bool CLookupTable2Fd::IsInUse ( uint16_t  ui16SrcPrt)
bool CLookupTable2Fd::IsInUse ( const sir_ip_sockaddr_t ptSockAddr)
int CLookupTable2Fd::MaxPortEntries ( )
bool CLookupTable2Fd::Remove ( int  fd,
const sir_ip_sockaddr_t ptSockAddr 

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