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CSiriusIPV6 Class Reference

#include <sir_ipv6.h>

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Public Member Functions

bool Init (int iInstance)
CSiriusMemListHandlePacket (cvmx_wqe_t *pWQE, uint16_t ui16Offset, uint16_t ui16Vlan, bool *pbPacketDigested)
void TimerTick ()
uint16_t GetMTUSize ()
void SetMTUSize (uint16_t ui16MTUSize)
int Send (TIPAddr *ptDestIP, TIPAddr *ptSrcIP, TIPAddr *ptAdapterSrcIp, char *pBuffer, uint32_t ui32PayloadSize, uint8_t ui8Protocol, int iPortNr)
int Send (TIPAddr *ptDestIP, TIPAddr *ptSrcIP, TIPAddr *ptAdapterSrcIp, CSiriusMemList *pMemList, uint32_t ui32PayloadSize, uint8_t ui8Protocol, volatile void *pAddr, int iPortNr)
void Diagnostics (uint16_t Selection, uint16_t *pOffset, uint8_t *pBytes, int iLength)
bool DeleteFragmentedList (CSiriusMemList *ptMemList)
bool TransferFragmentedList (CSiriusMemList *ptDestMemList, CSiriusMemList *ptSrcMemList)
int IPGetAndAddNrOfResourcesInUse (int iIncrement)

Static Public Member Functions

static CSiriusIPV6Instance (void)
static int IPV6HeaderSize ()

Public Attributes

bool m_bAcceptFarAddresses

Detailed Description

Definition at line 63 of file sir_ipv6.h.

Member Function Documentation

bool CSiriusIPV6::DeleteFragmentedList ( CSiriusMemList ptMemList)
void CSiriusIPV6::Diagnostics ( uint16_t  Selection,
uint16_t *  pOffset,
uint8_t *  pBytes,
int  iLength 
uint16_t CSiriusIPV6::GetMTUSize ( )
CSiriusMemList* CSiriusIPV6::HandlePacket ( cvmx_wqe_t *  pWQE,
uint16_t  ui16Offset,
uint16_t  ui16Vlan,
bool pbPacketDigested 
bool CSiriusIPV6::Init ( int  iInstance)
static CSiriusIPV6* CSiriusIPV6::Instance ( void  )
int CSiriusIPV6::IPGetAndAddNrOfResourcesInUse ( int  iIncrement)
static int CSiriusIPV6::IPV6HeaderSize ( )
int CSiriusIPV6::Send ( TIPAddr ptDestIP,
TIPAddr ptSrcIP,
TIPAddr ptAdapterSrcIp,
char pBuffer,
uint32_t  ui32PayloadSize,
uint8_t  ui8Protocol,
int  iPortNr 
int CSiriusIPV6::Send ( TIPAddr ptDestIP,
TIPAddr ptSrcIP,
TIPAddr ptAdapterSrcIp,
CSiriusMemList pMemList,
uint32_t  ui32PayloadSize,
uint8_t  ui8Protocol,
volatile void *  pAddr,
int  iPortNr 
void CSiriusIPV6::SetMTUSize ( uint16_t  ui16MTUSize)
void CSiriusIPV6::TimerTick ( )
bool CSiriusIPV6::TransferFragmentedList ( CSiriusMemList ptDestMemList,
CSiriusMemList ptSrcMemList 

Member Data Documentation

bool CSiriusIPV6::m_bAcceptFarAddresses

Definition at line 81 of file sir_ipv6.h.

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