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CSiriusPorts Class Reference

#include <sir_port_info.h>

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Public Member Functions

bool Init (int iInstance, void *pCSiriusI)
bool AddPort (int iPhysPort, int iNrOfArpEntries, int iNrOfVlans, int iNrOfCacheEntries, int iNrOfInterfaceEntries, int iNrOfRouterEntries, int iNrOfPrefixEntries, bool bSlaacEnabled)
bool AddVlan (int iPhysPort, uint16_t ui16Vlan)
bool AddIPV6Address (int iPhysPort, uint16_t ui16Vlan, TIPAddr tIp, uint8_t bMaskBits, TIPAddr tGw)
bool AddIPV4Address (int iPortNr, uint32_t ui32IP, uint32_t ui32Gateway, uint32_t Netmask, uint16_t ui16VLan)
bool RemoveIPV4Address (int iPortNr, uint32_t ui32IP, uint16_t ui16Vlan)
bool RemoveIPV6Address (int iPhysPort, TIPAddr tIp, uint16_t ui16Vlan)
int SearchForIPV4 (uint32_t ui32IP, int16_t i16Vlan)
bool SearchForIPV6 (const TIPAddr *ptIp, int *piPort, uint16_t *pui16Vlan)
bool SearchForBestMatchIPV6 (const TIPAddr *ptDstIp, TIPAddr *ptIfip, int *piPort, uint16_t *pui16Vlan)
int SearchForBestMatchIPV4 (uint32_t ui32IP, uint32_t *pui32BestMatchIP, uint16_t *pui16Vlan)
CMACProxyGetMacProxyForPort (int iPhysPort)
CSiriusEthGetEthernetForPort (int iPhysPort)
bool GetPortInfo (TIPAddr *ptIp, CSiriusEth **ppEth, CMACProxy **ppMac, uint16_t *pVlan, int *pPort)
bool HandlePortTiming ()
void DiagnosticsIPv6 (uint16_t ui16Par)
CSystemInfo::prt_linkstatus_t UpdatePortStatus (int iPortIndex)
void PrintPortStatus (int iPortNr, CSystemInfo::prt_linkstatus_t *ptLinkStatus)
CSystemInfo::prt_linkstatus_t GetLinkStatus (int iPortIndex)
int PortToPortIndex (int iPhysPort)
bool DisplayArpStats (int iPortNr)
CARPProxyGetARPReference (int iPortNr)
CARPProxyGetArpReferenceByIndex (int iIndex)
int GetArpHashResources (int iPortNr)

Static Public Member Functions

static CSiriusPortsInstance (void)
static uint8_t MaskToBits (TIPAddr tMask)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 17 of file sir_port_info.h.

Member Function Documentation

bool CSiriusPorts::AddIPV4Address ( int  iPortNr,
uint32_t  ui32IP,
uint32_t  ui32Gateway,
uint32_t  Netmask,
uint16_t  ui16VLan 
bool CSiriusPorts::AddIPV6Address ( int  iPhysPort,
uint16_t  ui16Vlan,
TIPAddr  tIp,
uint8_t  bMaskBits,
TIPAddr  tGw 
bool CSiriusPorts::AddPort ( int  iPhysPort,
int  iNrOfArpEntries,
int  iNrOfVlans,
int  iNrOfCacheEntries,
int  iNrOfInterfaceEntries,
int  iNrOfRouterEntries,
int  iNrOfPrefixEntries,
bool  bSlaacEnabled 
bool CSiriusPorts::AddVlan ( int  iPhysPort,
uint16_t  ui16Vlan 
void CSiriusPorts::DiagnosticsIPv6 ( uint16_t  ui16Par)
bool CSiriusPorts::DisplayArpStats ( int  iPortNr)
int CSiriusPorts::GetArpHashResources ( int  iPortNr)
CARPProxy* CSiriusPorts::GetARPReference ( int  iPortNr)
CARPProxy* CSiriusPorts::GetArpReferenceByIndex ( int  iIndex)
CSiriusEth* CSiriusPorts::GetEthernetForPort ( int  iPhysPort)
CSystemInfo::prt_linkstatus_t CSiriusPorts::GetLinkStatus ( int  iPortIndex)
CMACProxy* CSiriusPorts::GetMacProxyForPort ( int  iPhysPort)
bool CSiriusPorts::GetPortInfo ( TIPAddr ptIp,
CSiriusEth **  ppEth,
CMACProxy **  ppMac,
uint16_t *  pVlan,
int *  pPort 
bool CSiriusPorts::HandlePortTiming ( )
bool CSiriusPorts::Init ( int  iInstance,
void *  pCSiriusI 
static CSiriusPorts* CSiriusPorts::Instance ( void  )
static uint8_t CSiriusPorts::MaskToBits ( TIPAddr  tMask)
int CSiriusPorts::PortToPortIndex ( int  iPhysPort)
void CSiriusPorts::PrintPortStatus ( int  iPortNr,
CSystemInfo::prt_linkstatus_t ptLinkStatus 
bool CSiriusPorts::RemoveIPV4Address ( int  iPortNr,
uint32_t  ui32IP,
uint16_t  ui16Vlan 
bool CSiriusPorts::RemoveIPV6Address ( int  iPhysPort,
TIPAddr  tIp,
uint16_t  ui16Vlan 
int CSiriusPorts::SearchForBestMatchIPV4 ( uint32_t  ui32IP,
uint32_t pui32BestMatchIP,
uint16_t *  pui16Vlan 
bool CSiriusPorts::SearchForBestMatchIPV6 ( const TIPAddr ptDstIp,
TIPAddr ptIfip,
int *  piPort,
uint16_t *  pui16Vlan 
int CSiriusPorts::SearchForIPV4 ( uint32_t  ui32IP,
int16_t  i16Vlan 
bool CSiriusPorts::SearchForIPV6 ( const TIPAddr ptIp,
int *  piPort,
uint16_t *  pui16Vlan 
CSystemInfo::prt_linkstatus_t CSiriusPorts::UpdatePortStatus ( int  iPortIndex)

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