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CSocketMisc Class Reference

Sirius Misc class. More...

#include <sir_socket_misc.h>

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Public Member Functions

bool SetStartUnused (uint8_t ui8StartUnused)
bool SetWindowSize (uint32_t ui32WindowSize)

Static Public Member Functions

static int handle_to_fd (sir_so_socket_t *ptSocket)
static sir_so_socket_tfd_to_handle (int fd)
static TIPAddr pton (int domain, const char *src)
static TIPAddr pton (const char *src)
static const charntop (int domain, const TIPAddr &tIpAddr, char *dst, int size)
static const charntop (TIPAddr &tIpAddr, char *dst, int size)

Detailed Description

Sirius Misc class.

This class contains some miscellaneous functions

Definition at line 47 of file sir_socket_misc.h.

Member Function Documentation

static sir_so_socket_t* CSocketMisc::fd_to_handle ( int  fd)
static int CSocketMisc::handle_to_fd ( sir_so_socket_t ptSocket)
static const char* CSocketMisc::ntop ( int  domain,
const TIPAddr tIpAddr,
char dst,
int  size 
static const char* CSocketMisc::ntop ( TIPAddr tIpAddr,
char dst,
int  size 
static TIPAddr CSocketMisc::pton ( int  domain,
const char src 
static TIPAddr CSocketMisc::pton ( const char src)
bool CSocketMisc::SetStartUnused ( uint8_t  ui8StartUnused)
bool CSocketMisc::SetWindowSize ( uint32_t  ui32WindowSize)

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